ZFM Sachsen opts for com.LIVIS.

ZFM Sachsen opts for com.LIVIS
Another success for the Com In corporate group

We’re delighted to welcome the Staatsbetrieb Zentrales Flächenmanagement Sachsen (ZFM) as a new com.LIVIS customer.

ZFM acts as the central contact for all state-owned properties in the Free State of Saxony.

Its approx. 150 employees procure and purchase properties for government tasks, sell expendable government-owned real estate, lease government-owned areas, as well as provide and transfer areas for state tasks. This is where all data and information revolving around the topic of real estate converge.

The state-owned enterprise ZFM is introducing the real estate and property management software com.LIVIS as a first step in mapping the plot and land registry information and also to manage its property data for buildings (incl. building structures), outdoor facilities, and technical constructions. The gradual introduction of further topics such as property transfer, management of fiscal inheritance cases, lease agreements, compensation projects, and internal contracts (incl. an incoming invoice workflow) are also planned. The central goal in all of this lies in integrating com.LIVIS into the existing financial accounting system.

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