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Kick-off for the Application Suite

After a long period of hard work, Com In has now released its long awaited software for the areas of real estate management and land management.

By deciding to use a new, smooth version number, the company has already made it clear that this isn’t simply another traditional release.

Version 5 marks the first significant milestone within a multi-step transformation process into a software solution that isn’t just fully web-enabled, but also successively unites all previous applications into one comprehensive suite ( Application Suite).

“By progressively developing the module packages into a WEB application, our traditional product areas – the expansion and store management software com.TRADENET as well as the property management software com.LIVIS – are now gradually merging under the umbrella brand “”. Of course, this doesn’t simply happen overnight, but instead comprises several phases and development cycles,” says CEO Torsten Hecht.

Com In has hereby taken an important and correct step towards further developing the application and at the same time created a crucial foundation with potential for future innovations and optimizations.

In the age of digitization, the topics of mobility, process efficiency, usability, and usability represent requirements that are critical for success and determine whether we a company will thrive or fail over the coming years. This is where Com In comes in with its Version 5. With the Expansion module package, the first application area – alongside the HelpDesk – is now fully available on the WEB, and also provided as a full-fledged WEB application in addition to the Windows version.

Users can now access, visualize, and process data on expansion offers, locations, competitors, and more on any device and without media disruption – anytime and on the go. In addition, they can document on-site inspections in real time using check lists and immediately allocate further responsibilities or initiate approval processes. But we’ve also seen considerable progress in the area of fault logging and incorporating third parties into cloud-based processes. Particularly in the area of expansion management, this allows users to take advantage of completely new, simpler, and more efficient forms of digital collaboration – within cross-departmental project teams, but also with external partners and suppliers.

The new WEB applications and cloud services are also setting new standards when it comes to usability. Thanks to the modern graphic interface with its clear color scheme and self-explanatory symbolic language, the system now offers a much simpler and more intuitive overview and consistent control. This creates security within the process and at the same time improves the average processing time.

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