Amended heating costs ordinance.

Equipped for the future with com.TRADENET: More efficient energy management thanks to remote meter readings
New heating costs ordinance, new reporting and information obligations

Equipped for the future with com.TRADENET: More efficient energy management thanks to remote meter readings.

Installing remotely readable meters will soon be mandatory according to the amendment to the Heating Costs Ordinance which was passed by the Federal Council at the end of 2021. The Heating Costs Ordinance, which has been amended many times since it first came into effect in 1981, stipulates a modern method of collecting consumption data by remote readings as of January 1, 2022. From this date, all newly installed meters must be remotely readable. Already installed who don’t meet this standard yet still benefit from a transition period. But until December 31, 2026, owners and tenants are obliged to retrofit the respective devices.

When the amendment comes into force, tenants must receive consumption information on a monthly basis, provided the property is remotely readable. At the same time, the bill must include supplementary information, for example a comparison to the previous month and the same month one year ago, information on the applied fuel mix as well as meaningful notes on levied taxes, advanced payments, and customs.

With the energy software package which forms part of the corporate real estate management (CREM) software com.TRADENET, you can benefit from a model that reliably maps all agreements with your energy providers and enables you to transparently display the meter features captured at the building and the resulting consumption and costs.

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