Future-oriented software solutions for individual processes in the food retail trade.

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) Software for the food retail trade
Software solutions for the food retail trade

Minimize workloads and save costs with our software solutions for the food retail trade. Optimize your business processes now.

With com.TRADENET, you benefit from a powerful software solution for the food retail trade that allows you to map and analyze all business processes and store-related content centrally in a system and in a database. Comprehensive schedule, data, workflow, and process management constitute the system’s core features. Not only do these give you an up-to-date view of all relevant data, they also help you achieve greater profitability and efficiency.

Discover the advantages of our corporate real estate management (CREM) software, which will impress you with its functional depth and can be optimally tailored to your individual needs thanks to its carefully coordinated modules. The options range from solutions that meet all requirements related to expansion and store management – providing support in evaluating potential locations, for example – through to transparent rental contract management and technology packages to suit your facility management needs: com.TRADENET scores points thanks to its high level of flexibility and enables fully networked mapping of all administrative and management-related processes.

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Advantages for the food retail trade

Our software solutions offer a range of benefits for the food retail trade.

Specifically developed to meet the demands of companies with multiple locations, our corporate real estate management (CREM) software offers the perfect solution for the food retail trade. The software, which can be adapted to suit your individual needs and store circumstances thanks to carefully coordinated packages, will take your business processes to the next level – discover the advantages yourself.

With the com.TRADENET software solution for the food retail trade, your company can take advantage of numerous benefits:

  • centralized, unified mapping of property-related tasks, processes, and data throughout the entire lifecycle of your stores
  • comprehensive schedule and workflow management
  • derivation and evaluation of sites based on environment and competitor data to ensure sound investment decisions
  • planning and controlling of new construction or renovation measures, expansions, or closures
  • quick and transparent creation of cost estimates
  • full cost control thanks to project budgets with a PLAN / TARGET / ACTUAL comparison
  • professional support for company decisions
  • centralized maintenance management (ticketing/maintenance plans)
Additional software solutions to support industry-specific processes

Future-oriented and integrative corporate real estate management (CREM) software solutions to ensure the long-term success of non-property companies.

Cloud services
Transfer service and geodata performance

With the com.in cloud services, you can now take advantage of modern, browser-based solutions for overarching, automated data exchanges directly on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Software solutions for the food retail trade

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