Cloud Transfer Service. Cloud Transfer Service
Automated data exchange via web browser

Overcome performance issues and redesign your business process and workflows.

The Cloud Transfer Service is an easy-to-use tool for cross-company, automated data transfers via a web browser with which you can reorganize business processes and workflows without media disruptions – while also including external service providers.

Reduce costs & secure advantages in efficiency:

  • Faster lead times and lower error rates
  • Initiation of overarching, cascading process chains
  • Minimized communication effort
  • Scalable mobility
  • Less manual work
  • Automated data transfer, processing, and monitoring
  • Higher employee satisfaction due to an improved process quality

Your service advantages:

  • Billing by usage (MB/transaction) and deployment
  • No license or maintenance costs
  • No additional software/hardware
  • Flexible number of users
  • Easy setup
  • No training expenses
An easier way to reach your goals – with the Cloud Transfer Service

Real estate management processes are shaped by the communication and coordination with external service providers, suppliers, and partners. Any media disruption caused by this can slow down processes and lead to transfer errors.

The Cloud Transfer Service provides an easy-to-use tool for cross-company, automated data transfers via a web browser. This allows you to overcome performance issues with third parties and redesign your business process and workflows.

Frequently asked questions and answers on the Cloud Transfer Service
Why do I need the Cloud Transfer Service?

The Cloud Transfer Service provides an easy-to-use tool for cross-company, automated data transfers with external partners. You can simply upload images, documents, and information via a QR code or using a link and then process these. All you need is an Internet-enabled end device – e.g., a private smartphone or any PC.

The Cloud Transfer Service allows you to map various processes and control them in defined workflows. As a result, the Cloud Transfer Service improves your performance, since it saves you lots of time and effort in your business operations for the following and many additional tasks:

  • A workshop can confirm your assignments and delivery dates.
  • An assessor can add construction documents for a planned building measure.
  • A supplier can submit their bills.
  • Store employees can send pictures of a location or ticket directly on site.
  • The technical service can download data sheets or maintenance reports for technical installation by QR code.
  • Store employees can submit meter readings to the head office.
What requirements do I need to meet to use the service?
  • Program version with an up-to-date patch status
  • Running web server for the web version
  • Up-to-date operating system
  • Up-to-date browser version
  • Recommended: Virus scanner with an up-to-date signature database/ICAP interface
What is a transfer job/transaction?

In the context of the Cloud Transfer Service, a transfer job refers to the successful addition of images, documents, and information to certain processes in the system, without the user having access to the company network. A transaction is defined as the successful involvement of internal and external third parties in the process, for example triggering a subsequent action or status change within the application.

How does the billing model work?

To ensure you receive a transparent and understandable bill, all activities are logged, i.e., all transactions are documented for the customer within their own database. This means that the activities can be clearly allocated. An evaluation in the dashboard provides an overview of all performed transactions. Only minimal documentation is recorded on the transfer server itself for the purpose of SaaS billing.

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