L’Osteria chooses com.TRADENET.

L’Osteria chooses com.TRADENET
Another success for the Com In corporate group

We’re delighted to welcome FR L’Osteria GmbH as a new com.TRADENET customer.

In the foodservice industry, com.TRADENET is already offering support to McDonald’s Deutschland.

L’Osteria, an Italian culinary concept that currently boasts 88 locations, offers its guests the “best pizza and pasta d’amore” – as well as a cheerful, lively ambiance with Italian flair. The chain has already opened its doors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and England. Now it plans to expand to the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The individual restaurants are partly managed independently, but partly also by franchise holders and joint venture partners.

Now the company is introducing the corporate REM software com.TRADENET for the specialist areas of construction and property. This will enable the transparent mapping and secure monitoring of all construction and installation measures within the store network. Centralized contract, cost, and deadline controlling will be used for property management.

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