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Our live webinars offered an in-depth insight into the broad application range of our software, com.TRADENET, and were rewarded with excellent feedback from our customers.

IFRS 16 Webinar – An Accounting Standard with Secondary Effects

In addition to basic IFRS accounting for corporations, many financial institutions now also require companies that follow HGB accounting rules to submit an annual financial statement in line with IFRS. This is need to retain funding or loans, both for allocation and as an annual report to be presented to financial or other institutions.

In this webinar, participants gained an insight into accounting in relation to contracts in accordance with IFRS 16 and also learned about how com.TRADENET supports the implementation of this international standard by creating monthly accounting documents for write-offs, interest, and repayment at the push of a button, and if required, directly transferring these to the accounting system. In this context, our hosts also addressed all associated reports, such as:

  • asset history sheets,
  • liability sheets,
  • debt sheets,
  • and right of use sheets
  • which can be retrieved at any time for specific dates and complete the annual report.


Geodata Webinar – Making Better Decisions with Geodata

Ever since the introduction of smartphones, if not earlier, geodata have acted as a constant companion in our everyday lives. “Where exactly is the nearest restaurant?”, “How long does it take to get from A to B on foot or alternatively by car?”... These days, it’s completely normal for us to make decisions based on spatial relationships.

Geodata also serve as an integral component of the com.TRADENET software and continue to impress us with a diverse range of applications, whether in relation to site assessments, route planning, or simply in the search for a suitable tradesperson.

The content of this live webinar included:

  • Best-practice examples for the application of geodata in com.TRADENET
  • Presentation of the possibilities regarding the depiction, analysis, and evaluation of geospatial data
  • Demonstration of concrete advantages for acquiring information by actively linking store and geodata
  • Practical tips with familiar and new tools

We would of course like to thank our consultants Anna Blaczyk, Daniel Volpert, Frank Bremer, and Roman Hübner. We’re already looking forward more...

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