L'Osteria chooses com.TRADENET

We are pleased to welcome FR L'Osteria GmbH as a new com.TRADENET customer. Com.TRADENET already looks after McDonald's Germany in the area of system catering.

L'Osteria, the Italian restaurant concept currently represented at 88 locations, offers its guests the "best pizza and pasta d'amore" - as well as a cheerful, lively ambiance with an Italian flair. Already represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England, the next countries to be expanded to are the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The individual restaurants are operated partly on their own, but also by franchisees and joint venture partners.

The company uses the corporate REM software com.TRADENET as a first step for their construction and real estate departments. In the future, all construction and furnishing measures within the branch network will be transparently displayed and securely monitored. The central contract, cost and deadline controlling is used for real estate management.