Portrait Peter: Getting the green light

1,800 forest management facilities in all of Germany count on the innovative DSW2 – for a precise and effective management of more than 2.4 hectares of forest

Peter has achieved all of those three things a man should do in his life. But instead of planting a tree, he went ahead and planted vast amounts of them – at least digitally: with the DSW2. With the help of this unique software, forest facilities can save all of their management activities and depict all changes to the forests.

Peter came across an interesting project in 2006 that lead him to Com In. Friends had told the graduate computer scientist that a forest software was being developed here.

“I had an interview three days later,” Peter says. “Suddenly, I was right in the middle of the project and part of the team. Here, you have a connection to your colleagues as well as the bosses. I liked that from the start.”

Peter is less concerned with what is going or went wrong than with how to steer it back on track. This helps in critical situations or if a user’s tree is on fire. In general, Peter likes meeting with the clients, for example for user training or direct consultation on the next steps.  

“Sometimes in Brandenburg, sometimes in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,” Peter specifies. These two particularly forest-rich states cooperate in matters of forestry and consistently use the DSW2 for this. 

In addition to this project, another path has opened up for Peter at Com In: as the division head for com.TRADENET – a complex software that can easily manage stores from start to finish. 

In his spare time, Peter is drawn more to the water than the woods. He invites his family on a sailing trip or relaxes while windsurfing.