Portrait Nicol: Always a number ahead

In addition to the manual test, 3,092 automated test cases ensure the quality of com.TRADENET

Nicol has been part of the Com In team since 2007. She works in Quality Assurance, where her tasks include manning the customer hotline and carrying out the test automation for the software com.TRADENET. 

Tasks that focus on one thing: numbers. Nicol feels comfortable with these. She trained to become a bank clerk, studied Business Information Technology, worked in the technical editorial team of a software company, and then began looking for a new challenge. One with which she could combine working with numbers and her enjoyment of these. 

“I made it work at Com In,” Nicol explains. “I found the complete package here. Most of us have been on board for a long time and are also good friends outside of the office.” 

She was particularly taken by the test automation. Because “nobody has to sit in front of the computer and manually check whether the entered data matches the result.” 

Nicol spends her breaks from arithmetic with yoga, hand-made jewelry, and most of all with her little daughter. After all, children know best what really matters.