Portrait Felix: Racing the system

Felix Dittberner has been part of the Com In team for 10 years – and he wouldn’t want to miss a single day Up and running again.

Not Felix, even though he always seems to be on the move, from one client meeting to the next. No, in this case we mean the server the young man was just sitting in front of.

With technical instinct and speed, he has it running again for our client – and speaking of running, this is a sport that is very important to Felix.

Felix is a Business Development Manager & Senior Consultant for IT infrastructure and has been part of Com In since 2004. This is the year he began his training with us to become an IT specialist in system integration. “We don’t have any nerds working at Com In,” he says. “We exchange technical information, but we also talk about all topics under the sun – including sports.”

His training served as a warm-up program for Felix’s higher goals. A distance learning degree caught his interest, and he completed this while working for Com In. He now knows the technical aspects and has the theoretical background. This successful completion of his business degree shows that we have a man with drive.

Felix loves variety. He takes on management tasks, establishes new solutions, develops upgrade strategies, maintains the systems, and always has a razor-sharp view of what the client needs. On the road in Schwerin, he can sometimes be found at the small company outside of the city, sometimes right inside the Schwerin Castle, at the state parliament, or with the parliamentary groups, activating an iPhone here and a server system there.

He is basically the mobile version of Com In. He builds relationships with clients and is always up to date. He therefore knows whether a company’s technology is effectively working to capacity, whether the resources will suffice, or whether retrofitting or even redesigning is necessary.

Felix’s endurance runs like a thread through his life. Even in his free time, he doesn’t like to sit still. He throws on his sports clothes, swims, cycles, and runs, for kilometers on end. The triathlete, he’s up and running again.