We’re proud of our employees and their daily commitment to our clients.

Getting to know our employees

That’s why a team-oriented work atmosphere in which all of our employees feel at home is so important to us.

Short, unbureaucratic paths and open interactions between colleagues are par for the course.

We’ve been successfully active on the market for over 30 years and offer our customers extensive IT services and customized software products. As an owner-run company, the people – the heart of the company – are our main focus. They are the key to our success, which is why we want everyone to feel welcome in the team.

Getting to know our employees

In the following, a few of our colleagues will give a brief insight into their world of work.

Interview with Franziska Mähl
Head of the Customizing Department (Product)

We interact with one another in an honest, open way, and don’t take ourselves and our sensitivities too seriously.

First off, I must confess that I had no interest in computer science right after I graduated from high school. Although math and physics were my strongest subjects, my passion …

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Interview with Kai Leonhardt
Software Developer in the area of Products

Everyone can chime in with their suggestions and ideas. They’re not ignored, but discussed, considered, and potentially implemented.

I’ve always been interested in computer science. This passion was further ignited at school. Back then, I already enjoyed programming and did plenty of it. At some point, a classmate …

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Interview with Anna Blaczyk
Consultant in the area of Projects

It’s all about US! Even though the size of the team is steadily growing, the company makes sure that the familial solidary remains.

My roots lie in financial accounting, and I spent many years working for large trade companies. But although numbers have always been – and will always be – my thing, over time I started to …

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Com In is growing, and we’re always looking for motivated employees who have the drive to shape the future success of the company with their ideas and passion.


Short, unbureaucratic paths and open interactions between colleagues are par for the course. Our colleagues offer a glimpse into their world of work here.


The Com In management team consists of owner and managing director Torsten Hecht as well as the department heads of the company’s respective areas of responsibility.


Founded as a traditional computer retailer in 1991 – now an established provider of software solutions with references throughout Germany and beyond country borders.

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